Sheets in the River

I walked down Meadowlark Lane
wandering down the flower adorned path
sun rays shower my body 
i can feel the crisp air against my skin
i listen to the bluebirds sing
with my sheets in my arms I kneel down to the river and toss
them into the fierce waters
I watch them follow the current
down the rapids 
they quickly pass swimming ducks
and float towards stationary rocks
suddenly the sun disappeared and the sky darkened
time stood still
 i watched my sheets catch a corner of a fallen tree branch 
the current grew stronger 
I saw the fibers rip and tear
exhausted cotton 
destroyed linen
once perfect without holes
vanished into the troubled river 
sinking into the depths of the murky abyss
I lay myself down on a picnic bench and turn to see 
the sheets in shreds
I lay ontop of the table with my hands beneath my head
and stare into the sky
it's almost completely dark out
I close my eyes 
in hopes of waking up 
on cotton clouds


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