Friday is here

It's so hard coming up with blog post titles. Excuse my awkward titles from the past and the titles I have yet to write awkwardly in the future.I liked my brows today. I can safely tell you that I am in bed with a cold. I didn't stay home today from work, but I did yesterday. I was able to take a twenty minute nap today during my lunch instead of eating lunch. I ate my lunch at snack time which is at 10:10am. Anyways, here's a selfie from when I was nannying earlier. I sometimes question the voice inside my head. I don't think I sound like the voice inside my head when I speak out loud. Hmmm, or do I? How is it possible that we can hear other people's voices inside our heads when we think about a time or recall a memory with that person,  and not be able to mimic their actual voice when you speak out loud? Am I making sense? It's easy for some people to mimic or impersonate  other people's voices. I'm on a weird tangent. I also took some CVS cold medicine.


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