Threefold Purity Practice

Here's an article I just read about meditation and threefold purity The Threefold Purity -  It's so interesting to read and learn more about Buddhism and incorporate these ideals into my life. I feel like I have clung onto getting results with certain aspects of my life, which induces stress and fear. I'm going to focus on not clinging to anything that I can not control and see how it makes me feel. I spent all day resting in bed with a cold and my end of the sentence. I don't feel guilty about resting because it's the responsible thing to do. I judged myself hardcore in the past for days like today, but for what purpose? To bring myself down and make me feel like a loser? It's because I expected more from myself. I'm now practicing letting go of my expectations and now just being present in the moment. You have to try it out. It's peaceful.


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