together. two. all of my life i have grown up thinking that im a part of something. i am a apart of something. i am a twin. i am her half. i am not sure who i am without her. when im without her i have a hard time figuring out who i am. i am still trying to figure out this game of life. i dont know how to correctly be.  i exist in my mind. out of my mind i feel idle. i am not sure who i am. i try to speak out but am unable to say anything. im trying.


  1. this was succinct and beautiful.

    i'm so jealous.

    i wish i had a twin.


  2. It's too bad your other half has no soul and will cheat and lie for the rest of her life. I hope you pop-pop knows how big of a slut she is...if not, he will soon.


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