It's cool and interesting to get insight from talking about life and things to gain perspective. Life is all about perspective. It's kind of like a kaleidoscope of views. Your view can be skewed, it can be drenched with unrealistic expectations, it can be bright, it can be dark and sullen, or tainted from previous experiences from the past. Whether or not you believe what you see in your kaleidoscope affects your being. IT envelopes your personality, dreams, wishes, and hopes into what you determine from the kaleidoscope. I am working on bettering myself and personality. In a way I feel like a sponge with my family's emotions. It's as if I'm happy if my parents are happy. I know it's not my purpose in life to make them happy or act and behave exactly like them. It's weird because I have always gaged my moods with another person. If Lindsay were happy or sad I'd be those things. It's a weird concept to grasp but I think you are able to understand what I am trying to say. I'm working on breaking this and making myself happy no matter how anyone else is feeling.


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