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I've been asked so many times about who I watch on YouTube, so I decided to take the time to recognize the YouTubers that I do watch and like a lot. The following YTers I mention will be in no particular order.

  • GregoryGorgeous-he's hilarious and love his big personality
  • CityandMakeup-Love her fashion sense, even though it's different than mine, I like her OOTD's
  • britkneegirl1-her fashion sense is amazing and similar to mine, her purple hair is sick
  • thefashioncitizen-they're twins who like to thrift just like me and linds
  • lovewithcautionnn-she loves skulls just as much as i do
  • clothesencounters-so many ppl recommended me to this channel, cool videos!
  • 5secondfilms-hilarious mini clips
  • beautycrush-she has amazing style and accent!
Let me know who you love! Share the love.



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