photos before the mac miller show

Last night Lindsay, Justin, and his friends went to the Mac Miller show. Needless to say Mac Miller is amazing and he put on a great show. He is such a talented person who is grateful for his fans. He is so young and a lot of young people who are in the music business lack the understanding of feelings and respect for people who care about them. I also wanted to mention the fact that there were a bunch of high schoolers at the show wearing barely anything. My sister and I were the most clothed. Hahaha it was funny to see everyone singing and dancing along to his fast rapping. Kid has skills.
I wore my black combat boots, ripped jean jeggings, long black tank, and my black leather jacket.
Justin looked like Mac Miller and 99% of the guys at the show.
Before we left, Justin asked if I was going to wear all black. Does he not know me? Hhaha. Linds also wore black ripped leggings and black combat boots with a different shirt that isn't pictured above and a red oversized beanie from Forever 21.


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