A Familiar Place

there are times and moments in my life that i feel myself slipping away and hiding inside myself. i visit this place quite often and am able to leave when i feel ready and other times i stay for longer and am not able to come out of it for weeks. this place welcomes me when i find myself lost or discontent. it's a place with dark walls and swaying trees filled with darkness. the skies are dark and the horizon meets the sea without a sunset. this place is a readily available escape and recently i have found myself venturing deeper into the woods of this familiar ground and i can feel that i am fading into its essence. i cannot stay here for much longer. i must go. i need to break this.


  1. I know exactly how you feel, I just seem to isolate myself from everyone and I don't even realize i'm doing it...

  2. xoxo it's comforting to know others feel this way too. ty for your comment <3j

  3. This place where your lonliness comforts you. You are all alone and at the same time as hindering you and sadening you it makes you feel safer. Blocking yourself off from everything except the stuff you feel comfortable with.

  4. You should look up conscience vs sunconscience, spituality, self-hynosis, and oprah life lessons. I just did and I feel at one with the world. Like how I feel when I listen to music. Its just a suggestion. Xoxo XD


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