Dear Cyberbully, I've got news for you.

words dig deep like dirt for a grave
hiding behind a name electronically
may make you feel brave
the type of attention you crave
it just might be the wake up call that your words are louder than actions
this lesson you need to learn
is one that cuts like razor blades
your words in text holds weight and permeates
through screens that burns
the eyes who read it
did you know you have people contemplating their existence?
it is you mr. cyberbully
who is alone creating and spreading hate
messing up people's fate
turning their moments
their memories
their emotions
and stripping that
into a moment of pain and suffering
what is your excuse?
in your eyes and in your heart
in your defense
you might plead oblivion to what you said
anonymous comments seep into the pores of the weak
it is the reason that so many people
are sad and pained
if cyberbullying is what makes you feel powerful
than i feel bad for you
you are a menace to society
what you type
may be the comment that ends it all
do you want to be the reason that someone takes their life?


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