Why You Should Visit Alberta on Vacation

With the Calgary Stampede and hot, hot summers, it’s easy to see why Alberta is one of
Canada’s top destinations during the warmer months. But even as summer wanes into fall,
there’s still plenty to do (and a few fewer tourists) in this province of mountains, lakes, and cities.
Here are a few reasons why you should visit Alberta on vacation.

Medicine Lake

Located not far from Jasper town (it’s actually in the National Park), Medicine Lake is often
described as a sinking lake that has holes in the bottom of its bed. It’s something of an anomaly
and it’s so much more fascinating. Think of it as a bathtub without a plug that’s essentially
constantly filled faster than it can drain off. As a result, Medicine Lake has two distinct “looks”
  one where the lake fills with more water than it can drain away and it appears deep and
bottomless and the other where it all disappears through an underground system leaving the
lake to shrink to the size of a stream.

St. Albert

Located minutes away from northwest Edmonton in the thriving Capital Region of Alberta, the
community of St. Albert embraces families and supports a lifestyle where everyone can flourish.
St. Albert was voted as Canada's Healthiest Community, thanks to its abundant access to parks,
trails and locally grown foods. St. Albert is also one of the country's most interesting towns. St
Albert Homes for Sale is considered one of the best places to benefit from the federal
government’s first-time homebuyer incentive. Many St. Albert communities have blossomed into
diverse and compelling place to live. The downtown center is where the community often
gathers to enjoy a wide range of festivals and celebrations including the popular Northern
Alberta International Children's Festival. The Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo, outdoor Farmer's
Market, Rock'n August, and annual Harvest Festival are just a few of the events drawing
together locals and visitors alike.

Columbia Icefield

Just as the name implies these glaciers or “fields of ice” is the largest icefield in the Canadian
Rockies and is the largest south of the Arctic Circle. The Icefields Parkway and the Athabasca
Glacier is one of the Candian Rockies’ most beautiful and fascinating sights. The many
attractions, guided tours, and interpretive experiences will give you the opportunity to have fun
exploring and learning about this incredible natural environment. 

Hot Springs

Soak in the steamy hot mineral water where travelers have come to “take the waters” for over a
hundred years. Banff National Park's hot springs pool welcomes you year-round for an authentic
heritage experience that is a favorite amongst visitors. When in Banff do as the locals do - come
in the morning for the most relaxing visit. 100% natural mineral water is flowing at the Banff
Upper Hot Springs.


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