currently right now

I've been thinking about change and what it would feel and be like if I changed jobs. I love working at a school and love working with kids because it's so rewarding. The pay isn't that great but the feeling of making a difference in a kid's life is more important than a dollar amount. I can view the situation in both the agreeable and disagreeable viewpoints. I can argue that I need more money to live a better more comfortable life or I can say, I am perfect with what I have and wouldn't want to change a thing. If I did change jobs, who says I will love it? I love working at my current job. Is that wrong or bad because I should be making more because I have a 4 year degree and am growing older? I am constantly thinking about this and my mood is has been indifferent for this entire work week so far. I also babysit which I could continue with the potential other job. As an adult, there's so much thought and thinking going on. You really have to hone in on your ability to literally go through the pros and cons of every decision you make-because it will affect you. I'm not trying to be a debby downer, I'm just being honest and am voicing what has been true for me. I've been super tired after coming home from work and my mom told me to exercise. I was doing yoga before work started up again, but I felt really good while I was doing it, so I am going to try to make yoga apart of my day again.


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