Thoughts about life

Where do our thoughts come from?
Thoughts can be the death of confidence
How are we able to hear ourselves talk inside our heads in our brain?
Do we all have similar thoughts?
What would life be like if we didn't care what others think of us?
Where would we be if society didn't put pressure on us to make money, be beautiful, and do it without complaining?
We are fragile
Our feelings are like glass
shattering within seconds of a disappointment
If we truly were able to be ourselves,
We could do and be anything we want 
You would have to let go of expectations of what is right and how you should do things
I'm so over people telling me what to do 
Why do they think they know what is best for me? Why don't they focus on their own life instead of trying to micromanage mine?
Could it be that they are bored with themselves or do they honestly believe that they are the end all and be all of how you live your life? 
You only live once. It's YOUR LIFE. Be you and embrace your differences because that's what makes you shine.


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