VIDEO DISCLAIMER and Year in Review

Most of you know how much I love making videos for you guys and for myself. I am forever grateful for the incredible opportunity to be able to call making YouTube videos my job.   Growing up, I was always told to do what you love and if you get paid for it than you would be living the dream. Okay, the reason why I am writing this is to be open with you. I am kind of indifferent of writing this post. The reason why I started making videos is because I am able to express myself in a way that does not require a complete answer.  In school I always disliked the fact that science and math required one correct answer.  Coming up with one final answer seems slightly narrow minded; which therefore attracted me to the endless opportunities of art, drama, and entertainment. Anyways, getting back to YouTube and my presence online, I must say that I am STILL making YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure.  I've been on YouTube since 2009 and began making videos. Back then YouTube and its audience were new to each other and basically everything was good and dandy in the YouTube community.  Fast forward to 2013, and YouTube has been born again. The motion of the YouTube community has become very rigorous and unkind. I am not too extravagant with the way I shoot or edit my videos. To my surprise, this issue of lack of editing skills or professional camera equipment has become a problem for some of my viewers. I just want to thank my viewers that have stuck with me since the beginning. I am doing the best I can with my videos and I know that there will be people out there that will dislike me for reasons that I cannot change or help. I am not writing this for sympathy. I am writing this to display my thoughts and feelings concerning my videos and why I make them. I have gone through major changes this year. In 2013 I spent the new year without my twin sister [we had always been together on new years in years prior], spent a week in Florida with my mom and grandpa, moved to LA, have a boyfriend, been in two music videos and been on the Today show[well, my photo twas on the Today show] went to several YouTube conventions, met subscribers, gone to fashion events, hotel parties, and have made several good friends in LA.  Overall, 2013 has been life-changing.  I cannot wait to see what the next year brings! Thanks for joining me and my adventures! Hope your life is going well! Count your blessings.<3 p="">xo,


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