Don't ever take yourself too seriously

What's the point of being so serious all of the time? Maintaining a serious nature would be extremely draining and life is supposed to be fun! What kind of life would you rather live? One that is spent having fun, doing things that you enjoy, experiencing life, taking risks, dealing with consequences, or one that is lived by the rules and to please other people? The second choice is a life that that is lived halfway.  Living halfway is living life for other people. Why would you waste your time caring about how others think you should live your life? Why do you need to listen to how strangers think you should behave, what you should wear, or what to say? Why do give strangers' opinions of you more value than your  own opinion of yourself? Live life for you. You are the only one in control of your life! No one else!  Don't let the voice of strangers get in your way and hold you back from being the best you-you can be! Without further adieu, here is my quick costume video!


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