Diluted People

As humans of the Earth
we were given the sense to feel emotions
inside of everyone of us, is a heart
our heart is the most powerful muscle as well as the most important muscle in the human body
 our heart is fragile and without protection, it can be damaged
we are fragile beings
underneath our skin we are all composed of bones
these bones help us function
we move
we breathe
we inhale and exhale the same air
we wake
 we sleep
why do some people forget that we all belong to Earth; to each other
why are some people so diluted
with selfishness and arrogance?
how are they able to live with themselves?
everyone deserves respect
each person is filled with a multitude of experiences that have shaped them to be the person they are today
how can you tell what type of person they are based on the inital glance?
treat others how you would like to be treated even if it hurts you
because at the end of the day,
we are all more alike than what most people like to think
give it a chance.


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