Photos from last night and today

Monday night was Gina's birthday kickback. We went to this bar with upstairs outdoor seating with heating lamps and white xmas lights that spiraled over and under the rim of the bar's exterior. It was a nice fall night with huge fall leaves adorning the sidewalks. For a Monday night, there were more people out than I expected. I wore a floral bodycon dress that I got from the thrift store. It's originally from Forever 21. I wore Dollhouse Pink lipstick by Wet n Wild. When I got home, I went dessert crazy. I ate pecan praline soy ice cream and apple crisp. I made the apple crisp a day or two ago. 
This acai bowl was so refreshing. I was at jury duty yesterday and it was election day. There were tons of people at the courthouse and it was super hot. These fruits are basically my favorite. I love mangoes, blueberries, strawberries, and acai. The granola was vanilla flavored and super tasty. I ate all by myself. I didn't feel weird or anything. I guess I am growing up. I'm much more "able" to do things alone which in previous times, I have not been okay with being alone and eating by myself. I only had to go to jury duty on Monday and Tuesday because I didn't get chosen to be apart of the jury panel. I wasn't interviewed at all. Names were chosen at random and I was totally expecting to be called. Woop!


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