The Lafayette Hotel Swim Club and Bungalows

Linds and I went to The Lafayette Hotel for our birthday. We hadn't seen each other since Christmas so it was nice to catch up and hang one on one with her. This trip was kinda a last minute thing because we were supposed to join our sister's bacherlorette party in Cabo. I couldn't get my passport on time, it got stolen because it was marked as delivered in mailbox and no dice. Cheers to life in an apartment complex in West Hollywood, where it's normal for homeless people to break into your apartment building lobby and crack open the mailboxes and steal while also taking everyone's packages. Living the dream, the Hollywood dream out here. 

So yeah, a vacation was necessary. I learned that it's hard for me to relax and do nothing when trying to literally lay by the pool where I could order food and drinks at any moment in time. I was too busy in my head. Linds and I went out the first night to a Mexican food restaurant and then went back to the hotel to eat what was left over in my See's pound box of milk chocolates. Our Uber driver was questioning us the whole time about how we should go out because it's Friday, but you know what? We were like nope, we def don't have the energy to do that and honestly, that sounds like a task, so yeah we're hotel bound. Other people's opinion's are microscopic in the grand scheme of things. Keep that in mind. Anyways, we spent the next day poolside, where we ordered cold brew coffees, smoothies, and a couple dranks. They weren't blended, the hotel's blender wasn't working. COOL. We love a blended ice adult beverage. As the day went on, we ordered food poolside. On the last night, we visited the hotel bar. I tried my first espresso martini. It was strong! I would try it again for sure. After, we went to dinner and then took a ghost tour at the gas lamp district. It was so cool. We got a private tour and got to use 3 instruments that would let us know if the temperature dropped and if there was any detectable energy. Linds said she felt some energy but I personally didn't experience anything. We had never done anything like that since we went to Key West, FL many moons ago. On our way out of San Diego, we went to Better Buzz coffee shop in Hillcrest. I got an iced vanilla matcha tea latte with oatmilk(so creamy and delicious btw) and Linds got a cold brew with oatmilk. I  ate a blueberry muffin and Linds got the yogurt bowl. We sat upstairs in the loft area. SO cute. Here's some photos from our weekend. 

Before we left, we went to Studio City and got coffee at Aroma with Moi and Josh. It's crazy that it's almost been 10 years since we all first met. That's mind blowing. We lived with them for 2.5 weeks in Studio City when Linds and I first moved to LA. We quickly found a house. 


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