dear diary

 so much has been going on, it's really tiring to think about actually. i've seen myself become emotionless and cold. i don't like that. i am changing, expanding my mind to think differently, have a new perspective, really think about who and what i want to be for me in my life. i know that's a bit confusing to comprehend, but i feel like it's hard being an introvert when everything about your life requires you to be extroverted. Im not sure where I am taking this convo but I just want to say, create your own joy and happiness. It's your life and you're the only one living it. THINK about that for a second. You're living in REAL TIME right now.  It's your journey and experience, you only get an undetermined amount of time in this life, so why not spend it living out your dreams? Push the limit, take a risk for own good. Take a chance on yourself.


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