I know I never actually write anything in my posts, but I'm actually going to start🤷🏻‍♀️I just feel so weird right now, I've switched medications and it hasn't been easy. Mentally and emotionally speaking, I've been very angry, restless, and not myself. I've had few good days where I'm feeling mentally healthy. I am proud of myself for speaking up for myself by talking to a new psychiatrist to switch back to Prozac. I switched because I thought it wasn't helping me anymore since I've taken it for years.
By changing meds for a month, it has shown me that it actually was working for me, so the doctor suggested we up the dose. I am looking forward to feeling better. If you're in need of talking to someone, try looking into I am not sponsored or anything, butI would've been super into this, years ago when I first moved to LA and stuff~ and they even offer financial aid. Isn't that incredible? They really want to help, which is a nice feeling. You don't even have to have insurance, I mean are you kidding me? It's for anyone who wants to help themselves.
Side note, my hair is in the process of getting lightened. I have a hair appointment on Saturday! Anyways, I'm going to sleep now.


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