Why You Need To Take A Vacation in Lake Tahoe

Why You Need To Take A Vacation in Lake Tahoe
If you've never visited Lake Tahoe and are planning a vacation, you're in for a treat. Lake Tahoe is one of the prettiest places in the United States and offers tons of fun activities for your whole family. If you are looking to have a more chill vibe, Lake Tahoe has you covered there as well.  I went for the first time when I was in 4th grade with my family. It was an experience I'll never forget!
You can take a peaceful stroll along the water's edge, or sit back and enjoy the scenery with a cocktail. Also, with two towns, you can pick the vibe of the trip you want to have. Each city offers a unique experience and peak times of year to visit.
When to Visit
There is no wrong time to visit Lake Tahoe, though you will have a different experience depending on the time of year. The peak times to visit are Spring and Fall when the weather is just perfect for touring and hanging outdoors. Visit in the winter, and you will be treated to a winter wonderland with the views of the awe-inspiring snowy mountains. 
North Tahoe VS South Tahoe
The choice between visiting North or South Tahoe can be a hard one to make. Each city is quite different, and each offers up various reasons for visiting.
North Tahoe is a slightly more expensive and upscale town. This is the perfect place to vacation if you want to avoid the crowds and are visiting during peak seasons. There are fewer beaches in North Tahoe, but the ones that are there are beautiful. Many think of North Tahoe as a winter destination as ten peaks surround it.
South Tahoe offers more of a fun vibe. Because it is much less expensive to visit, you can expect more crowds during peak times and especially at the beach. Because there are fewer mountains, it is less popular during the winter months when people flock to North Tahoe.
The Cabins
Lake Tahoe has some of the most amazing cabins to rent in the whole United States. Tahoe has some of the most modern cabins in the world, including the famous ski-in, ski-out. Aside from the cabins, there are so beautiful lakefront and view properties that you can enjoy during your vacation. They are so nice; you may not even want to leave your room. Just check out this fantastic Lake Tahoe real estate, and you might just be convinced to stay.
If you love nature and getting out and immersing yourself in it, Lake Tahoe is the place for you. The Lake is 72 miles in circumference, and most of it offers up some fantastic hiking trails. Make sure you visit in Spring or Fall to get the full hiking experience. Like most hikers know, early mornings are the best time to avoid the crowds and get the peaceful experience you are looking for. This is also prime time for wildlife watching. Moreover, Lake Tahoe has some large animals that you will enjoy seeing in their natural habitat.


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