I am writing to you as if you are my diary or journal. I don't usually call it a diary actually. I call it a journal. I do write in a journal. I don't often write in it, but every time I start writing, I ask myself why I don't write in it more often and I think, this isn't that bad [you know, handwriting] literally writing and not typing. It's an endless cycle. I tire myself out thinking about it. Today is the last day of art camp. I really enjoyed working with these kids. They're all soooooo talented. I taught a few visual arts classes with two co-teachers. On my own, with a teacher's assistant, I taught watercolor and animation. The showcase for animation is tonight. The theme of camp for this year is FANTASY. The kids came up with some amazing animated shorts using the stop motion studio application on iPads. It's incredible how they come up with such awesome characters and stories. I am listening to The Beatles right now on Spotify. Fool on the Hill was stuck in my head.


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