Edited vs unedited Instagram photo

I got my hair done at the Bleu52 salon in West Hollywood by a hair stylist named Rob Fuentes. He was very friendly and you can tell that doing hair is exactly what he wants to be doing. I went in to get a blowout from treat. If you join the program, you can get 20% off your first visit. Use this code: ILYJESSICA My experience was awesome. He washed my hair, gave me tips and tricks as to how to properly shampoo your hair. OKAY-I HAVE BEEN DOING IT WRONG for as long as I could shampoo and condition by myself. I'm so embarrassed. Anyways, I loved how Rob I could tell that he was really in the mood to cut my hair. You know when you can tell when your hair stylist or person cutting your hair is not really sending you good vibes about the cut, it's just obvious. I was very impressed with how it didn't take forever because I brought my boyfriend with me, because duh. Anyways, I had to take pictures to show off my new cut and blowout. I posted this photo on Instagram. I used the app VSCO cam.

Here's the unedited photo. I just want to show the differences and be real about it. Which one do you like better?
black cut off shorts: wetseal
round glasses: F21
purse: Danielle Nicole


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