Sephora Experience

Today I went into Sephora at the Americana in Glendale. It wasn't that crowded and there were a bunch of employees working. I went in to specifically try out the tarte amazonian brow mousse and the ansastasia beverly hills dipbrow. I also had a gift card. I am usually bombarded when I set foot into Sephora, but this time was different. I was on the hunt for a Sephora employee to help match my brow color with Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade and the Tarte amazonian brow mousse. It took forever for someone to come over to help me. After I was finally helped, I thoroughly studied what the employee was doing to my brows and how she shaped my brows with the dipbrow. The dipbrow pomade goes on really smoothly. I didn't even want to try the tarte amazonian mousse because I liked the pomade so much. I am impressed with how natural my brows look. I've always used a combo of a dark brown pencil and brow shadow. I have been slowly updating my makeup into higher end makeup. My next makeup purchase is going to be a good quality black eye liner.


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