Last day of spring break

Well, I spent the day doing whatever I wanted. Granted I did wake up at 10am, and stayed there until noon. I was just on my phone checking Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat like repeatedly. That's embarrassing. True, though. I thought I was going to chill at home all day, but I was over it as soon as I was bored with social media. I left my house to chill with Chris Grieder. We walked to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and walked around the Toluca Lake neighborhood and gazed and admired so many amazing and beautiful houses with the most majestic gardens filled with colorful flowers. We also walked passed this huge grasshopper that was like the grandfather of all grasshoppers. That thing looked prehistoric.  We ended up walking around 2 miles! Yay, got my steps in. I haven't been focussed on my steps since Spring Break started but now that I am going back to work, it's going to be on my mind and something I that I will be on myself about. Okay, so I am on my laptop right now, which is kind of weird to me, because I only really use it for uploading videos, but it actually feels nice typing here. Im used to my phone being my computer as well, it basically is a mini mini iPad. HAHA it's the iPhone 6s Plus. It's massive. I love it though. I barely go on my laptop just to browse. It's always my iPhone. I kind of want a desktop. I miss having one. Anyways, I am going to go. Shower is calling and my neck hurts from sitting with my arms up on the table, it sounds weird but looks normal. Until tomorrow!


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