Intro and extrovert

I am both an introvert and extrovert. I'm not just one or the other. I want to hang out with people and talk and be out with people but I feel like hanging in and drinking wine and eating pizza. I also think about how I could be making new memories with friends but then I have to argue with my introvert self, who is telling me that staying in is the way to go. I am caught in a crossroads right now. I want to go out and I could and do have plans but I could also stay in, save money, and watch a movie and drink wine. The choice is far from simple. I also do things based on my mood. If I'm not in the mood. I just won't even bother trying. I'm not sure if that makes me stubborn or what but it's the truth. I usually can see both sides of a situation and can determine both outcomes, well my guess of what will happen if I choose to go with either idea. Do I sound crazy? I hope not. 


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