Santa Cruz Paradise

Santa Cruz is where I grew up. It's a town where waking up, rolling out of bed, grabbing your surf board, and heading to the beach is the norm. I wish I could say that I could surf, but that is the farthest thing from true. I spent my days [in high school] at friends houses and we would walk to the beach, go to parks, or get burritos and sit by the beach.  I loved how the cool hang out spots were the beaches. Living by the water is a luxury. I kind of took it for granted because I always knew that it was at the minimum 5 minutes away from where I lived. There are so many beaches you can go to.  I am truly lucky and blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful place. When I visited home last week, I spent a day walking up and down Pleasure Point and 26th beaches. I sat on a bench and just got lost in watching the waves break and surfers catching waves. I very much appreciated the fact that parking was free, no traffic, and super close to where my parents live. In LA, the closest beaches are Dockweiler beach in Playa del Rey, Malibu, and Venice. Going to the beach in LA is a full on commitment. Traffic, parking, and the amount of time it takes getting there and leaving. It's safe to say that life in Santa Cruz is the opposite of LA. It's not a bad thing either. I love how busy it is here. I appreciate a new surrounding and figuring out my place in a new environment. 



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