I've had a cough since Halloween and I lost my voice for a few days because of it. Ever since that, I've still had a cough but it was manageable and tolerable at that point. Fast forward to today and it's at its all time worse. It hurts to cough and it feels like everytime I do, it's as if a knife is stabbing my ribs and right lung at the same time. I've taken naproxen and robitussin for the pain and cough. My head hurts and I'm weak. I'm back home for the holidays and I'm pissed that I feel this way. I don't want to get my parents or family sick because I don't want anyone to experience this pain. It's plain awful. I'm so fortunate that my parents are taking care of me. They are keeping me calm and doing everything for me. I love them. It's making them bond and get along which I love. Sorry to rant and complain but I want to let you know. 


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