Have To vs Force

I struggle with what I have to do versus feeling forced into doing it. I'm talking about having to give advice versus forcibly saying what the person wants to hear. When I say have to, I mean it in the way of morally knowing what's right versus genuinely giving the said advice. Feeling like you're being forced into saying a certain something, I often feel as if the person gives you a bias story to make it seem like what you answered is your genuine opinion. I'm not sure if I'm making sense but if you aren't a bit confused then maybe I should keep going. I think that sometimes I give off a therapist type of vibe. It is almost as if I'm wearing a shirt that says 'what's bothering you'?  I feel like I give a ton of what I think is good advice for a bunch of things and situations I have never been in before.  It's a tiresome job.


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