Photos from this weekend

This past weekend was Valentines Day weekend. On Valentine's Day night, the noho haus had a Valentines Day bonfire equipped with Hello Kitty Valentine's, chocolate, and s'mores! The group of people we had over were super chill. The night quickly turned into an early morning. Kyle and I went to our favorite well-my favorite breakfast spot called Bea Beas. I got these amazing gluten free pancakes. They taste like eating smiling rainbows. They are so scrum-diddily-umptious. On Saturday night some friends of ours had a lingerie party so we(Kyle, David, Chris Grieder, and Annie) all went together. It was a fun and interesting night to say the least. I also spent time helping my boyfriend make a video. I like helping him with videos. I always enjoy his input when he helps me with mine.
Kyle and I :)
Yummy gluten free smores pancakes!

Edwin and I at the bonfire.
Annie and I at the lingerie party.

Chris and I at the lingerie party.


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