Missing the boy

This photo was taken November 18th, 2013. It had been a month since I had seen him. I was lucky enough to make it to two shows in LA. One was at the Roxy in West Hollywood  and the second was at The Chain Reaction in Anaheim.  I've been home since last Sunday and I am so grateful to have been able to spend time with my family and be in the company of love and reminders of my childhood and youth. I long for the days when I would race my siblings to get the mail because we thought it was super exciting to talk to our neighborhood mailman[who we see every so often when we come home for the holidays-if we are lucky-he's a sweet British man and remembers my whole family] anyways, I'm getting sidetracked! ADD anyone? Okay, back to the original thought. I am home for another day and a half and am currently in pajamas, partially sitting on my queen size inflatable bed that is slowly deflating as I sit here typing. It's about 85% full right now. Anyways, I miss the small things about living in a small town-one freeway, familiar faces, local restaurants/shops/markets, weather, and the obvious home vibe. I want K to come hang in my hometown. It would be fun to play tourists for a day or two. I'm getting too distracted with the music I'm listening to right now. Forgive me. I would like to give thanks to The Naked and the Famous for their plethora of colorful sounds and musical forcefields in Punching in a Dream. I'm going to go now. Byeeee.


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