you were so young when you got your wings
positivity and a smile never left your side
during the rough ride that takes so many lives
you will never be forgotten
your spirit, energy, and charisma will live on forever

you were the one who touched so many lives
sharing your life with millions in videos on the internet
you have given light to people living in the dark
you have woken them up from their inactive lives
you gave them the strength to  climb to the highest mountain top and experience all that is worth while
what is life if you're not living?

now you're now in a place of nirvana
no more pain
no more hospitals
just happiness and perfection.

Talia you were an angel on Earth and now you're an angel in heaven
your energy was contagious. you were a positive influence on everyone you encountered. you gave light and meaning to your viewers who may have had bad things happen to them. you showed them that you can have a positive attitude even though you have gone through rough times. you gave them the awareness that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. you are the stars that sparkle in the night sky. you give people hope. you light up the sky with sunbeams and positivity. I hope we meet someday in Heaven.


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