So I kind of judged the MTV show GirlCode before I even gave it a chance and watched an episode. This show has about 5 girls and 2 guys who talk about the things that girls do that girls understand and leave boys in wonderment. I think this show is helpful for young girls who are not sure how guys typically behave. The girls on the show share their personal experiences about the said topic in a way that makes you relate and also take notes on how to react in case the said situation were to ever happen to you.  This show can give you insight about relationships and the types of situations that you may encounter. I know this show could have helped me when I was in high school or even college. The show hits on serious situations in a way that is hilarious and informal about how to confront your best friends or boyfriend in such a way that is both comical and a lecture combined into one.

1st instillation of #REALTALKFRIDAY


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