Saturday and Saturnight

Then chilled with Gina and got dinnah at Chilis. 

I got a jalapeño veggy burger and sweet potato fries. The burger had bacon in it and the fries were cold so the waiter gave me the burger for free and gave me a free dessert. I gave the bacon to Gina and had the waiter get me hot fries. The burger was alright and the hot fries were really good! The dessert was really yummy and it was perfect for 3 to share! I got a mango strawberry margarita. So good! 

This is a picture of our FREE dessert. It's called the Chocolate Chip Paradise pie or something like that. I thought it was supremely tasty!

I made a milkshake when we got home. It was SOOOO good! I had a 50's type of dinner. Burger and a shake~


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