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Hello there. I went to work today which was awesome because I hadn't been to work at the candy shop since February! When I started my shift, it didn't even feel like I had ever left! It was cool. I'm stoked that it's getting busy now because when it is slow, time doesn't whiz by like it does when it gets busy! I'm so thankful that I am able to get hours and that I'm making money. I really need to make more money. I want to get a social media marketing job of some sort. I also want to be a print work model. That is my dream. I really would love to get paid for modelling. I would be super happy if I was able to make a living off taking pictures. I need an agent first. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. You've done tons of great shoots with your photographer friend, can't remember her name, but the one that took that magical pic of you that you made into a laptop bag? I would get ALL of those photos and put it into a portfolio and have a book to show agents. You're halfway there girl ! (:

  2. aww thank you!! good idea! def will do that!


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