Yummy food

Food posts are the best posts! Mexican food is definitely my favorite type of food. Burritos, tacos, and nachos are my go-to choices for lunch or dinner. I am obsessed with anything spicy and or cajun. The fish taco salad is ridiculously good because it's pretty much a salad with salsa, cheese, and fish all inside a tostada shell which makes for a great overall food presentation. I can't get enough of Mexican food. Obsessed. nachos fish taco salad curly fries are amazing. I have been on a smoothie jaunt for a couple weeks now and I really need to get a food processor to juice fruits and vegetables. I have a blender but I think if I gave myself a couple more options, I could get a little more creative with my smoothies.
Peach Perfection.
Vegetarian Nachos.
Fish Taco Salad.


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