college photos

I was lurking my own FB and realized how much I miss my college friends. It's not the same not being around these people. Just like high school, you're around your friends all the time and don't realize how much you enjoy being around them until you graduate and don't see them as often or at all. Growing up sometimes sucks. It's all about perspective. I know not to take anything or anyone for granted. Each person I met or was friends with have taught me about life and myself. I am grateful for all that I have and for everyone who has been and are apart of my life.
 This was taken on St. Patricks day.
 Jess' birthday party
 Birthday party?
 Summer night out
 St. Patrick's Day again
 Filming Degrassi
 Sadie Hawkins Spring Formal
 Caturday Party
 School Dance
Love Hilarion.
Graduation morning.
Cinco de Mayo party at our apartment.
Abandoned Club.
Party at Matties.
Playing in the grocery store with pool toys.
Cinco de Mayo party.
Sunglasses swag.
Mattie's party.
Halloween Party


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