Shit People Say to Twins


  1. NICE!!! :P
    Would love if you'd check out my blog x

  2. following you! lovely blog:) ty for following me! i read your post where you said that bloglovin is taking over the follow method. what does that mean? are ppl with bloglovin accounts only allowed to follow or?

  3. This video is hilarious
    'so do you guys look at eachother naked ?' haha i can't believe people actually say things like this :/
    robyn xoxo

  4. I've awarded you versatile blog award :)

  5. Hi Jessica! I just nominated you for the cute blog award
    I love this video it's so funny.

  6. Ahaha this made me laugh so so much! I have a twin brother, and people always assume we're psychic. People are pretty dumb!


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