painted muh nailz nailz


  1. Oooh cute!

    I just bought a UK version of Sally Hansen's Nail Stickers inspired by you! How long did they last you in the end and did you have to replace any?

    Would it be cool if I did a video response to the nail effects video as an alternative for UK viewers? I know a lot of Brits watch you and we can't get a hold of Nail Effects yet :(

    Keep cute!
    Alexa xoxo

  2. aww thank you!! the nails lasted about a week and a half bc i waited until my nails were long and i had the option to cut them if the nail stickers chipped. i also put a clear coat of nail polish over it to maintain it.

  3. Oh jeez, they frayed SO bad at the top -.- it felt like I had crazy jagged nails... it was not nice! So I took your advice, I cut them and put clear nail polish on!

    Here's a link to my video so Brits know where to get a hold of it! (Unfortunately not as good quality as Sally Hansen -.-;)

    Thanks Jessica! You're a star xxx


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