Fashion Inspiration:Megan Fox


  1. Hey Jessica,
    Just wanted to thank you!
    You've really helped me feel more comfortable
    with the way i dress! I used to think i was a bit
    of an outsider because i'm not in love with a lot
    of the brands like abercrombie and fitch and like
    hollister ( like most of the girls wear even though
    most of them deny it! ) and i love having my style!
    you have recently helped me chose what i like and
    i love the clothes you wear! i'm going to try to cut a
    shirt when summer starts! i can't wait, i love all of
    your video's and i think i'm going to start making my
    own next year (: so thanks jessica, i think you are like
    the prettiest girl on youtube and you really inspire me!
    besides jackie kennedy, taylor momsen, a bunch of my
    other fashion icons you make my list (: thanks jessica!
    <3 birdie (:

  2. no problem (:
    what do you recommend for making your first video's?
    my friend is going to put it on her tumblr for now :p
    any suggestions? (: do you think we could talk on aim one day :D
    if you ask one of my friends, she knows you're like my favorite
    person ever and she was like omg you should talk to her on aim!
    so yeah, wanted to see if it was cool with you (:

  3. aww thanks! if you're making a video for the first time, i'd make something that i'm really into! you know? make sure you like watching it before you post it!

  4. Sounds cool! btw, i love your hair,
    i have pretty curly hair, and it's like
    hm, i'd say brown and blonde more
    brown but my friends say it's equal (;
    and it comes to about my shoulders i
    was wondering if you have any styling
    tips, i'm getting kind of bored wearing
    it down all the time! i've started putting
    it in a pony and putting a bright red and
    sparkly bow clip in (: it looks cool but it'd
    be cool if you have any suggestions, i love
    what you do to yours, it looks supper good! (:
    - birdie (:


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