blogging ferrrr realz

hello my bloggeristassss. hhhaha did i just make up a new word? i think i did. anyways, i just want to give you guys a little glimpse into what i've been up to all weekend long, well actually since wednesday. i had work at see's candies from weds through saturday and i was supposed to work sunday but i was way too sick. i haven't been feeling well since weds and a little before that. i don't know exactly what i had/have but it's been tiring me out and i wasn't feeling like myself. yesterday i woke up with a crazy intense allergic reaction to something. i have NO idea what it was, but all i know is that i woke up with huge puffy eyes, red/pinkness all over my face and eye brows, and today the pinkness isn't as bad and my eyes are back normal. i don't know why it happened at all. i looked like shrek. it was nutzo. i am in my apartment now sipping on sugar cookie tea with a spoonful of honey listening to ATL hahah. the heater is on and im in my pjs. tomorrow is the first day of school and i'm iffy about it because i don't like first days of anything. it doesn't matter what it is even. i just don't like the anticipation of the whole semester summed up in one initial class and usually on the first day of class, you have to do a little self introduction which is always annoying. haha i think it's super awkward to introduce yourself in a time span of a few seconds when i don't think anyone actually really cares you know? i don't know. hope everyone had a nice weekend! i'm gonna finish my tea and check my email.


  1. I agree!! I totally hate first anything. I like the middle when everything is settled and you know the pace of things. Hope you feel better and have a great first day =].


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