summer job?

what's everyone doing for the summer? what am i doing? i'm going to work at a summer camp as a day camp leader. i'm really excited to spend my days outside! i've also never been to camp before, so i'll get some of the experience. i'm excited for nice weather, bbq's, and summer fruit.


  1. I've never been to camp before either.
    This summer I have an unpaid part-time internship at an advertising agency.. also looking for a summer job!

  2. I will be taking 14 hours so I can finally have my Associate's degree. Only took me three years, but I'm thrilled, regardless! (: One step closer!! Oh, and I'll be working, moving, blah blah. Trying to manage at least ONE vacation getaway somewhere in there. And getting these ol' wisdom teeth out. Only two, but I'm not thrilled. ): They're growing sideways and down. wompwomp OH WELL! It's the Summer, so I'm super excited!

    Hope yours is amazing! <3

  3. hi there! just wanted to pass by and say that i loove your style and ouy blog(saw u on youtube)!
    i just got a job in a pastry for the summer, lets hope i dont gain much weight lol!
    take a look at my blog :)


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