so listen

I've been without my laptop since Tuesday and it's like I have all of this time. I realized that I spent most of my time on my laptop and now I've actually done other things such as
-washed my makeup brushes
-cleaned my shower
-cleaned my room
-folded my laundry
-painted my nails
Oh by the way, I'm using a desktop computer, which I used to use in high school before I got a laptop for college.


  1. as much as i need to, i can never find the time to actually wash my makeup brushes (it's a sin, i know!). like, i'll think about it (and how bad i need to do it), but i always think about how they won't be dry by the time i need to use them next.

    needless to say, i'm a world class procrastinator..

  2. I am really bad about washing my brushes too! hahah if you wash them at night then leave them out to dry they'll be dry in the morning!


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