1. your hair is freaking amazing !! hair tutorial please !! :)

  2. Hello im Jazmin, I cant tell you how much i luv ur blog and vids and pics... You seem realy kewl..l0l! i totally wish i had a twin sister .. it would be totally kewl to have someone to share everything with! ANyway, u guys rock. I was gonna ask , WHATS YOUR FAV. LIGHTS SONG??
    OH YEA.. and can you do a vid on youtube saying how you like do ur hair every morning like if u straighten it or just leave it down and giv it volume or if u just put it up.. basicaly what u do to ur hair when u get out the shower... Just wondering...

    luv u guys so much..

  3. Jazmin-thank you so much! My fave LIGHTS song is definitely a tie between Saviour and Second Go. Love those two. I listen to those when I'm feeling sad. What is your fave song by LIGHTS??


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