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my SNLesque photo by Amethyst


leopard sweater


photoshoot today!

woke up in the morning with this song playing in my head

can't stop listening to this song


new color!

last week, in the car

:) good morning to you too!

on my way to work

blogtv was so fun!

grey sweater & a bow headband

The Look for A lot Less: Nicole Richie

go checkout my twitter background!

Fashion Inspiration: Nicole Richie

PHOTO: now&then

skins ftw


car vlog from the other day

let them eat cake

this is the heart collage so far

upload your heart pose by 2/19


blogtv last night was way fun


How I Apply Eyeliner&Mascara

i love starr! miss her so!


Words I Always Use Tag

good morning!

The Look for A lot Less: Miley Cyrus

sicky icky

:/ had a bad dream

new idea! upload your heart picture like...

funny face friday!

car vlog: my voice sounds so weird!

Could you see the vlog vid?

Follow Me Vlog

The Look for A lot Less: Demi Lovato

monday monday