My family and I are going to Big Sur! We used to go every summer as a tradition, but due to the horrendous fire last year, the park has been closed! But, not anymore, it's back and hopefully better than ever! I'll take pictures of our adventure and post them when I get back! Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

Does your family have traditions? If so, what are they?

Okay here are the pics from today's adventure:
my cousin Kendallview from my window seat, in the Yukon XL
Starr, my sister
a lizard my mom found!
my mom and I at our family picnic!
we ended up going to the beach because there was hardly enough water in the river to swim or inner tube in:/
me and Linds


  1. My family has awesome traditions! Since we spent the first half of my life in CA, and then NY, we didn't really go anywhere consistently! But our new tradition is...sexting? LOL yo I'm kidding, we don't really have traditions! We spend a lot of time together cause we're close and we love each other, so I guess we don't do traditions cause we've got each other! Or we're just busy folks!

    And JESS, did you really go in the water!?! Huh!?! HUH!?!?! You look dry in alllll your pics!

  2. My family celebrates Christmas on the 24th and does nothing on christmas day! Super random!


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