summer's last wave

There is this song by summer's last wave that I cannot help but get lost in when I listen to it. It's called "forever never ends". It takes me to a place by the water, when I listen to songs i imagine what the music video would look like, and when i imagine this music video, I picture a beach scene at the twilight time of day overlooking the sunset and i picture a couple walking together under the summer sun but it would be from the past. Not only will the couple be happy in this scene, but the scene would go back into the couples' past and show portraits of what their lives have become from when they were together. The scenes at the beach during sunset would show them writing their names in the sand inside a sand-sketched heart. The scenes would be black and white when the music video cut to the past and it would jump back to their present lives surrounding their separate lives and how they reminisce about each other. This video reminds me of being happy of what was and not mad or upset about how things have ended, but glad that it happened. Everyone should go listen and checkout this song.


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