my mornings are all the same

they start out with me waking up, and the first thing on my mind is cereal! i get excited to eat cereal! my favorite has been frosted mini wheats, but a couple of days ago we got this new kind,

and I have it with vanilla soy milk and a huge cup of black coffee. I love black coffee for some reason. I used to love soy lattes and caramel macchiatos and sweet drinks like that but for a few months now, I can't handle all the sugar! I guess I'm like an old person now or something! hahah I don't know. I'm going to a doctor's appointment later today with my mom. I love her. She's pretty much my best friend, I mean Linds is my best friend, but my mom comes after. I learn so much from her everyday and she's so inspiring. I decided I'm gonna wear dark eye shadow more often because I think it compliments my dark hair. Let's see.
My friend Kyle made me this JC shirt, I think he used stencils and spray paint? Not so sure, but I think it's super rad!

Love it!


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