I'm sorry I will not be posting any pictures today because I am sick, and I probably will frighten you all with my sicky look. Anyways, later on today, at or around 3:30pm my family and I are all going to the movies to see Harry Potter, then later we're going to get burritos. I am probably more excited for the burritos then the movie to be quite honest. I only say that because I can't really sit still in a movie theatre, and I haven't read the Harry Potter books, well past the first one, but I've seen all of the movies thus far. You can hate on that if you want. I don't care. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better tomorrow because Wednesday I have a fundraiser to merch for, so fingers crossed I don't pass on my sickness to the 600+ people that are expected to show up.
To pass time away from actually acknowledging my symptoms, I have been laying in bed playing with some editing on paint net!


  1. that's boring, get well soon :) enjoy the movie, i've seen it, i was a bit dissappointed actually, but yeah.. :)

  2. haha yeah, i agree about your HP comment!


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