We tried to make us work 
We took a shot in the dark
The sun pulled an Adele and took away our spark
Why did we turn out this way
I never liked these games that you played
Remember back in the day 
The way you would turn to me and say (I like you)
Say them the right way(I love you)
It's just that very charm that takes ahold of my heart and blinds me and leaves me with bruises from misjudging you
All these Glances glances 
The heat is rising 
Batting lashes 
Heartbeats racing out of control 
Crashing into moral filled bubbles bumping into one another 
We exchange flashy shiners and stupid one liners 
Flashing glances
Making bad decisions 
Under lust driven fantasies 
You're the answer to their prayers
swoon game activate
Someone should have told you to play nice with others
Could you imagine having dreams in black and white?


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